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Glow Warm 14kw Outdoor Propane Gas Table Fire Pit in Bronze & Black

Enjoy the stylishness and romance of a fire pit without the mess with this propane operated gas fire pit.

Glow Warm Portable Gas Cabinet Heater

An easy to use portable cabinet heater which is ideal for use at homes and offices.

Real Flame Pyramid Patio Heater (Outdoor) 13kw

The Stylish Pyramid Flame Patio Heater is the market leader in commercial and private outdoor gas heating, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of Al Fresco socialising and dining, throughout the year. 

Real Glow 15kw Compact Gas Patio Heater

This fantastic flame patio heater will be an elegant and fashionable addition to any setting!

Glow Warm Gas Patio Heater 13kw

A great value for money gas patio heater that is both affordable and durable.

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